Service organisations with extensive Incident Type Service Tasks would benefit hugely from a publishing and versioning process for the Incident Type as part of the standard solution (in terms of audit controls and compliance)

1. Incident Type status (where only "Published" versions are visible to users)
2. An Incident Type can be set to "Draft" status which clones the current published Incident Type and clones child Incident Type Service Tasks/Incident Type Products/Characteristics from the published version (appends a version number in the name of the cloned record)
3. System sets new Incident Type version number for the draft Incident Type
4. User modifies Incident Type and related records and then publishes. User receives prompt before publishing

The steps below would be optional but we implemented this on a project
5. System cancels Work Orders with the previously published Incident Type which had not yet started (System Status: Open Unscheduled or Scheduled) including any bookings.
6. System creates new Work Orders for the newly published Incident Type (with all child records). This will include all new Service Tasks/Characteristics etc (via existing plug-in)
7. System alerts all Bookable Resources on the new Work Orders with Scheduled status (as a digest email rather than an alert for each and every Work Order) that a new version of the Incident Type had been published and should be reviewed before job starts.
8. System alerts the owners of the new Work Orders with Unscheduled status that new Work Orders need booking.
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Thanks for raising this idea, Andrew. I think there could be scenarios where this makes a lot of sense. Before we commit further to invest, we'd like to see this idea get more support from the community.

Thank you,
Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service