Currently when a customer has manufacturing and sets up an item with Machine Fixed Overhead and Machine Variable Overhead, the distributions for that particular overhead are not calculating properly in Purchase Order Processing Receiving's Transaction Entry. Instead of recalculating the distribution when changing the quantity on the receipt, the distribution instead adds the new quantity overhead amount to what was there previously. This is effectively overstating the Overhead amounts for these entries, putting through an incorrect data condition.

You can Delete and Default Distributions to correct the OVHD Distribution amounts, but this is difficult if you are using an ISV to auto post items
When a PO Receipt is entered for the Item, and the PO Line Quantity is changed, the Distribution value for the PO Receipt is not properly calculated.

Machine Cost per Piece = $5.00

PO Receipt for Qty of 1 = $5.00 in Distribution for OVD
Do not exit PO Receipt
Change PO Receipt Qty to 2 = $15.00 in Distribution for OVD instead of $10.00

The system calculates that value as (1 + 2) or a qty of 3.

Do not exit PO Receipt
Change PO Receipt Qty to 5 = $40.00 in Distribution for OVD

The system calculates that value as (1 + 2 + 5) or a qty of 8.
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