The appropiate general Spanish translation for the "Purchase time" (en-us) field to establish the Lead time for the purchase process in the Item coverage form, in the Plan section, from the Released products option in the Product information management module, must be "Tiempo de compra"

The translation "Hora de compra" which has been in Dynamics since I can remember is not correct, the word "Hora" in spanish refers specifically to the lapse of time conformed by 60 minutes. Additionally, it is not consistent with the other two translations in the same place for "Tiempo de producción" and "Tiempo de transferencia" which are correct.

This field is found in the ReqItemTable table as "LeadTimePurchase"

Category: Planning
2023 Release Wave 1
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Thanks for highlighting this translation issue. We treat this as a bug and will address this in a future release. 


Søren Vagn Andersen, Principal Group Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management