There is no option to specify the Unit of Measure when creating an 'Engineering Product'.

This causes a problem when using dual-write to integrate Products to CRM. This is because CRM requires a Unit Class/Group to be specified at the point of creation, with no option to work around this requirement. Whilst it is possible to specify a 'default unit of measure', this leads to issues when the Unit Group is different to the Unit Group associated to the default.

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Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap. 

As a workaround, you can create a released template product, assign it to the release policy that is assigned to the engineering category, and thus, when the item is created (released) in the engineering category it will get by default the unit of measure assigned to the released template item. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Product Manager, Microsoft