1. Engagement Scoring - 90% of our clients do not use Leads at all so when I introduce the concept of Lead Scoring it causes a lot of confusion and concern. When you re-invent lead scoring for D365 Marketing > Real Time Marketing, please make it more general like "Engagement Scoring" and allow us to score Contacts, Leads, and/or Accounts. Today we can only score Leads and those Leads must be connected to a Parent Contact. Most clients do not use the Lead entity and even the clients that do - do not always have Leads connected to Contacts (even if they should)
  2. Increase Accessibility - To encourage clients to use Engagement Scoring - make it more accessible from each asset. For example - in the Email Designer - add an icon for Scoring that allows me to pick a scoring model, email behavior and score. When published - the scoring model selected would update to include the score I entered for the behavior I entered. If the Scoring model was already published - it would add my change & re-publish. If the Scoring model was in Draft - it would add my change and stay in draft.
  3. Scoring Options - Add Activities to Behavior & Data - Engagment Scoring would allow us to create scoring models to present on Contact, Lead, and/or Account records. We would have the ability to score on data and/or behavior just like today. In addition to data & behavior - we would like the ability to add or decrease scores through activities like tasks, appointments and phone calls. How, might you ask? I can think of 2 options. Option 1: When an activity references the Contact, Lead or Account - we get to add or remove points based on the activity type and if it was within a certain date range. Option 2: The activity form has an Engagement Score field where a staff member can select a Scoring Model and enter a positive or negative number of points. The points apply to the Contact, Lead, or Account referenced on the activity.
  4. Hide/Show Scoring Models - Today we have clients who do not use Lead Scoring because it automatically appears on the OOB Contact form. Rather than ask their Admin to help hide/show this information to the proper users - they just avoid it. So it would be great if in D365 Marketing > Settings there was a way to pick and choose what marketing data shows on the OOB Contact form (or all forms). If you can't do it at a form level, perhaps just all us to pick what scoring models show or hide. This would help us get more clients to use the feature.

I thought I submitted this idea before but I cannot find it - so apologies if this is already in the list.