When the final step Payroll posting is executed, I call it "Point of no return".

We had cases when Payroll posting got interrupted and create a big problem. Our payroll is big and runs every week.

Here are suggestions what could be done if the payroll posting step got interrupted.

  • Pop up a window prior to posting that prompts the user to make a backup of pertinent payroll tables, so if you need to re-run the pay run you can restore them with that feature.
  • Have a feature that will remove a specific audit trail code from the payroll history tables, clear the payroll work tables, and clear the UPR30301 table for the affected year (and prompt the user to reconcile).
  • Have GP tell you where else in the system you need to clean up the data if it hit those modules (Bank Rec, GL, HR, etc.).

If we had this feature it will make all Payroll Managers happy .

Thank you very much.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion but it will not be considered for a release at this time.
Terry Heley