In Europe it is very common that a company in one country has retail stores in other countries. Example a company in Denmark has retail stores in Norway and Sweden but within the same company. Therefor only 1 legal entity is required. But due to the way the localizations are programmed it is not possible to include example Norwegian localizations in a Danish Legal Entity. The fields for SAF-t is not shown and digital signature is not enabled when POS is activated. 

It is also not possible to extend all the functionalities to enable these features. 
Please re-implement the locatlizations for retail so the Legal entity is not "hardcoded" for enabling functionality. 

Under Review



This is very much needed change. We have customer maintain LEs based on the concept/brand with the same LE in Dynamics 365 being used for stores in multiple countries. Linking to locale in functionality profile will be the best option.

Category: Channel management