A customer would like the ability to set styles (such as color palettes) in a central location. These settings would apply to all Marketing Emails that are created. For example - I set the color palette to Red, Green, Blue. When I create a new marketing email, anytime I click on a color palette, it displays Red, Green, Blue.

Another example - I want all marketing emails to default to Helvetica, 12px font. I don't want to have to change this in every single email. I want to note this default in one location and all emails default to that setting.
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Thank you for your feedback!
This is a great suggestion! We feel there should be more community votes to have this idea implemented.

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It's a good idea anytime you can empower the marketer to make customizations to their marketing components. Having pre-set styles that I choose is a feature that comes standard on many marketing platforms and should be a standard feature for Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Category: Email