I'm using the Preview version of Dynamics CRM for Tablets on a Preview instance. I have a custom entity, which has a few option set fields that have been customized to use the new "Modern" look.

The app is the Android version, and version number is:,2).

Server version is: (DB

During offline use, I create a new record of this entity, and provide a few values on the quick create form. Upon saving and opening the record, all option sets that had the new "Modern" look customization but didn't have a value on record creation display an error instead of the actual control (The error is something along the lines of "This part of the form cannot be displayed, contact your administrator").

Option set fields that were not customized with the new "Modern" look are displayed correctly. Option set fields that were customized with the new "Modern" look, but were provided a value on the quick create form (where the "Modern" look is not customized BTW) are displayed correctly on the main form.

If I save this record, go online again, and go back to the record, all fields that displayed the error message are still displaying the error message. Restarting the device or the App doesn't correct the issue: the record is broken permanently.

If it helps, I get the following error message upon loading this record (records that were created online don't display this error):

Field: window

Event: Load

Error: Sys.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.

Parameter name: '' is not a valid Guid value.

Category: General
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