An option to pass through the 'Source Document' field in the Fixed Assets subledger to the 'Source Document' field in the general ledger would greatly enhance financial reporting capabilities.

In Management Reporter for example, I'd be able to just reference the 'Source Document' field in the GL10000, GL20000, GL30000 tables & put together an asset schedule (Additions, Retirements, Transfers, etc.). Without the true source document in the G/L tables, we must develop this type of report using another method since only 'FA' is used as the source document currently.

For posting options in FA, if detail were used, it simply passes through the source document. If summary were used, we'd have the option to 'summary' by source document, thus the source document could be passed through. If summary (existing option as-is) were used, the existing method of just putting 'FA' in the source document field of g/l would suffice.
Needs Votes