Since an ERP, in general, is a set of tools that should work for "most" businesses and be able to be customized to suit, there should be a set of standard processes that work in "most" cases and can be defined in the BPM and in turn a recorded task or RSAT recording/test. MSFT could provide a library of standard tests that cover most cases in a configured module and allow for greater automated test coverage. For example, creating and confirming a purchase order, creating and posting a transfer order, creating a new site, creating a new location in a warehouse, submitting a workflow, etc. There would be 1000s of such tests, but a client should be able to choose the ones applicable to their configured and in use modules/processes. With this standard library, it'd be an ideal starting place to customize a test to suit a custom process. For example, one client may require a specific field on a purchase order.

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Microsoft is not planning to release a set of standard tests to work from. There are three main reasons for this.

First virtually every company using Dynamics Finance & Operations have some amout of customization applied to the installation, this adds functionality that standard tests cannot account for and will require mofidying of creating new tests that account for this.

Second value from running test automation comes from ensuring coverage for business process used with individual companies.There is significant options for configuring processes in Dynamics 365 Finanace and Operations apps to tailor toward individual company needs. To provide coverage across these in general would introduce a very high number of tests and only a subset of these would be applicable with a specific company. There would be quite a bit of overhead associated with identifying what specific tests match up with the configuration applied to a customer installation. Thus the value from "standard" tests water out with this. Instead value of test automation is better achieved from reviewing the specific configuration used and author tests built up to match directly. The value from template "standard" tests can provide become marginal only given these conditions.

Third if standard tests were provided that need to be adjusted to match the company installation, then this means editing test recordings. This is known to be challenging to work with and can result in messing up recordings. In many cases you are better of with recording scenarios over as new.

Using task recorder and defining the initial set of tests does involve some effort, but the learning curve of this is quite easily overcome, and then recording new tests is typically found as the most productive approach. Should you still look for a test of standard tests, then there are some partners that offer a service to provide this.

Microsoft is not planning to release a set of standard tests.