There is a business process for the customer to use the Transfer order, when the shipment on Sales, and Transfer item between warehouses or their factory. However, the issue is just included in this process, so that they cannot proceed smoothly.

It is a high impact to be unable to complete the Transfer orders smoothly before the shipment. Because there is so huge volume of Sales orders every day, then user cannot complete correctly as soon as they get orders from end customer.


1. Goto Inventory management>Transfer order
2. Select “000002” in Transfer num… as sample, click “Ship transfer order”

3. Click “Select”

4. Set “000001” to Criteria in Transfer number, then click OK

Actual result:
The result of query is piled up.

Expected result:
The result of query should not be piled up, it should be only “000001” for Transfer number, not including “00002”. Because the condition of query is set in Step 4.
Category: Inventory
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