Hello MS Ideas team,

We have been implementing D365 F&O in multiple engagements. We are from application security team and mostly deal with the security side of things with D365, make appropriate configurations to strengthen the security posture.

Our main duties include role design and implementing SOD. We have used SOD rules feature in D365 to create new rules with a pair duties which ought not to be together. But the challenge arise when we have a set of duties which ought to be mutually exclusive.

For example, we have a set A with 10 duties and set B with 10 duties. These two sets ought to be mutually exclusive. Current scenario in D365 requires us to create 100 different SOD rules to compare pair of duties. In such a case creation and maintenance of the rules creates a havoc.

Here is the IDEA: Create an SOD rule which compares sets of duties rather than a pair of duties.

Would be more than happy to join a call if we need to discuss this in detail.



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