Issue Description :
When tries to create/edit the lead and view the information of contacts and account that is available in business process flow "Lead to opportunity sales process", it shows the previous data, instead of recently saved data.

Repro Steps :
Go to lead > create a lead.
There is a business process flow "Lead to opportunity sales process" available on lead.
There is contact and account in that business process flow.
click on new contact, it views the previous data, instead of recently saved data.

Steps performed :
We tried to repro the issue in our lab and found that, whenever you click on lookup for contact it create a new contact and does not pulls the details related to lead.
Then we created a mapping between a field lets say email field mapping for lead and contact.
It pulls the details present in lead for the 1st time.
when we edit the email in lead and click on new contact it still shows the previous email that was present in lead.
And pulling up email that was the updated one.
The issue is reproducible at our end too.

Which is not helping the customer to run his business and would like to change the design of the product, so he should be able to update the record in the business process flow.

Category: General
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This request is in regards to the Contact or Account quick create form when it is accessed by clicking "New" after you have attempted a lookup in the Existing Contact/ Existing Account fields of the Lead Business Process Flow. If you create a Lead with minimal information and then add more information later, those additional fields do not auto-populate in the quick create form if you choose to create a new contact/account before qualifying the lead.

Category: General