Accounts setup in ACCOUNTS FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSACTIONS, like e.g. Penny difference in accounting currency, Penny difference in reporting currency and Customer cash discount are setup in Configure account structures > Advanced rules to have a Department financial dimension (No blank values allowed).

The account for e.g. Penny difference is setup in General ledger > Chart of accounts > Accounts > Main accounts > Legal entity overrides > Default dimensions with Not fixed value and specific Department value

When doing a General journal for e.g Penny differences, we are getting an error message "the dimension value is not specified". We don't want to allow blank dimensions, so we have selected "not fixed" and a "default financial dimension" which updates the screen perfectly with the department value for the GL account. This function doesn't work. The screen instructions say "Specify the default dimensions for an account. When a financial dimension is fixed, the value specified for the dimension, including a blank value, will override the values on the transaction at time of post." The desired default behavior for "not fixed" should use the default dimension value but still allow an override via journal entry at a later time for reclass purposes.

The use case is to use the default/generic department value that will need to be allocated at a later time to correct departments value.

The combination of a "non-fixed" setting with an automatic (posting ledger setup) initial default dimension value should work in all modules.
Category: General Ledger
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