this idea applies to both Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE since it seems the constraints remains the same in both products:
It would be useful to be able to use custom entities as a source for segments in D365 for Marketing or as source for Marketing lists in D365 CE.
Currently it seems not to be the case and it has been confirmed by several experts as not possible to extend, which limits the sources to a set of existing native entities ( Leads, Contacts, or Accounts).

Not being able to extend it is a pain as some customers extend the data model with entities that should be used also for marketing purposes, and they to not understand why they are stuck by product capacities while they can customize it easily otherwise.
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Thank you for your feedback!
This is a great suggestion! We feel there should be more community votes to have this idea implemented.

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Thank you for the feedback. The idea behind would be either-if there are some technical constraints to extend the lookup, to centralise all the contact details in one single "contact details" entity that can then be linked to the others (contact, account and lead by default, and others if needed), or to agree that some attribute on a custom entity makes it eligible to appear in the "targeted at" lookup field. ..not being able to do so does not match with today's reality of one person having several contact details depending on its role (personal, profiessional, leisures,....)

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