Projects (and project plans) typically include tasks that are billable. They also include tasks that cannot be billed to the client and are marked as are non-billable (travel, internal handovers etc.) and tasks that are complimentary (consultancy's investment in learning a new technology for this project, second consultant shadowing her senior colleague, additional quality assurance etc.).

Typically time spent on non-billable tasks does not appear on the invoice and does not count towards utilization while time spent on complimentary tasks appears on the invoice and counts towards utilization.

We need to be able to mark a resource role as billable, non-billable or complimentary at the estimating/planning stage. These values respectively should map to downstream transactional entities (time entries, project approvals etc.). In PSA 3.8 it works for billable and non-billable and we need the same working for complimentary.