What is especially bad about not being able to do this is that you can create a Workflow for the Invoice Product entity, you are just unable to make changes to the record that you are initiating the workflow form... I understand that there is a lot of validation and filtering and calulcations logic behind some fields on the Invoice Product.

It would be great if at least those fields that do not participate in any of the validation logic or calculations were made available for edits on the Invoice Product in workflow. I sure hope that this kind of change would not have to wait until the next major release.

Please consider this suggestion to be also applicable to being able to edit Opportunity Product, Quote Product and Order Product through workflow as well.

We are using workflow for a lot more scenarios since 2011 and this has certainly come to the forefront.


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Under Review



Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap, however, if we indeed get more feedback, we may consider it in future.

Category: General