Wish there is an option to easily identify BOM design, BOM assembly and BOM training, these 3 three items are independent from each other.

Design: Tracking importance of:



-Image designs


-Eligible or ineligible manufacturers

-Quality assurance

-BOM assembly

BOM Assembly: Tracking importance of:

-Best time efficiencies

-Assembly methods and/or preferences


-Outsourcing vendors IF ANY

-Steps (and/or steps transferred from guides)


BOM Training: Tracking importance of:

-Best training efficiencies (why, how, where)

-Assembly methods and/or preferences (close-ups, pictures, drawings...)

-Easy visualization of components, components packagings, country of origin, manufacturer, part numbers

-Easy training printing on layout and/or from BOM training catalogues

-Steps (Video clips, images, drawings, or not applicable)

-Floor supervision in the event of hazard operations, disaster, preventions, building, environment, etc....

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REMARK: The knowledge libraries may potentially contain this information , however I am not currently aware, this information maybe currently integrated and available from the BOM and/or potentially planned transferring from guides into new BOM designs and design versions (multiple versions until BOM maybe finalized and realize to production from guides).

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