We need to create business process flow which has 8 conditions in positive route in business process flow, but cannot do that now, because there is a limit now to have only 5 conditions in any positive route in business process flow.

The 'Five’s The Limit On Decision Tree Depth… Kind of' section in this article describes current limitation. It would be very good for us to increase it.

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I very much agree. This is a limitation that does no make sense. Especially if you are implementing very complex legal process flows with many decisions and conditions. I really don't see any reason why there should be such a restrictive limitation. The UI for customizing BPF's can easily support adding more conditions and the way they are handled in the Unified Client interface would also not be a problem. I think it's just one of those things where some PM decided on a limitation without really considering the consequence to the customers.

Category: Platform