It is normal to differentiate project fee on different activity on fee journal while we have not this possibility on free text invoice when we want to post against a project. In Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, on Free text invoice 'Line detail', we can just choose 'Project' and 'Project category' and NOT 'Activity. It would be great if 'Activity' can be added on Free Text invoice 'Line detail' when an user want to post Free text invoice against project. At the same time, it is desired that posted free text invoice (with activity), can be shown in Project posted transactions with project, project category, and activity.

Needs Votes



Without this feature the Project Free Text Invoice is only partially compatible with the project module.

At the same time also fix the design flaw -
- there is no Line Property selection on free text invoice (that's fine, I guess)
- If by mistake the default line property is "non-chargeable", when posting the Free Text Invoice a data "corruption" occurs, where an AR invoice is created but on the project, the project transaction is marked as "non-chargeable"

Category: Accounts Receivable