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Currently CRM allows you to define Business Closures for the whole CRM Organization and not for parts of it. This makes it impossible to use the Business Closures feature in deployments where CRM Organization spans multiple countries or even parts of the country sometimes due to the fact that public hoidays always vary accross those.

The workaround to reflect the holidays in the schedules of individual resources cannot really be used, as this issue typically impacts larger deployments - multinational, nation-wide, the number of users in the deployments is typcially rather high, which makes this workaround not feasible.

It would be great if Business Closures could be defined at a more granular level, e.g. at the Parent-Child Buisness Unit (defined at the Business Unit level and automatically propagated to all Childrent Business Units - same restrictions on editing child Business Unit Closures Schedules would need to be in place as for Security Roles inherited from the Parent Business Unit).

Thank you for your consideration.

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Thank you for your suggestion. We are already considering this suggestion for a future release. http://connect.microsoft.com/dynamics/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=357405. Thanks, Raju Kulkarni

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