Problem Summary:
We have created multiple Model Driven Apps based on the user needs. Each app is unique and used by different teams. Each app has specific set roles and restricted access.

But whenever can non-CRM user is trying to access any App irrespective which app he is trying to access Dynamics 365 will always give standard error message, which is not helpful but confusing.
Also, there is no way that Admins can customize the notification message according to their business needs.


It will be very helpful, if Admins are allowed to customize error message for each Model driven App according to their CRM business needs.
This will help CRM teams to help to guide their CRM users on how to get access with helpful links which is unique to their org



Hi Team we're internal MSIT tenant CRM Applications Team. We have a strong need for this from our various stakeholders. We understand that this is by design. But we would like to take it to your notice that, business team's CRM/D365 Adoption is totally depends on this experience. I am more than happy to collaborate and contribute to this idea with our suggestions. Appreciate your support!

Category: Unified Interface