When creating a Planning group for the items in the formula/bom lines, it can only be done for items that can replace the main priority item with the same quantity and unit of measure.

I have seen many cases where this substitution is required but the alternative items must be consumed in different proportion and/or unit of measure in the process industry.

I would like to see that this process (Planning group) considers proper conversion factors between the UOM of the formula/BOM line and the inventory UOM.


Cinnamos rolls are produced using a mix of chocolate and vanilla cakes (semi finished items), but the crumb that is obtained when manufacturing those cakes (by/co-product) can be also used, and the crumb (if there is inventory available) should be the first option to produce cinnamon rolls.

The crumb is stored in Kg (main priority in the planning group), but the Cakes are stored in Ea (second priority) but each cake item has its own conversion factor from Ea to Kg.

Modeling this in Dynamics, it considers the quantity required in the inventory UOM rather converting the Kg stated in the formula to the appropiate quantity of cakes.

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Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Product Manager, Microsoft



We have this issue as well with several clients. Another common example is pack size conversions. Let's say you have a primary item in the plan group that is called out on the formula in eaches and the alternate item's base inventory unit is eaches. The pack sizes of the two items differ and we twice as much of the secondary item as the first. MRP will short the planned production order by half of what's needed for the alternate item.

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