In Italy, on the 1st of October, it will be mandatory to receive purchase orders from National Health Service bodies.
It would be very useful to extend the functionality already implemented on sales and purchase invoices also for import and export (for order confirmation) for sales orders.
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Thank you for this idea. 
Adding support for import of PEPPOL Sales Orders is currently not in scope of the Business Central localization strategy.
Partners/ISVs can add local electronic invoicing functionality to Business Central where needed. 

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Søren Alexandersen, Program Manager, Business Central Localization



From 1 October it will be active for all those suppliers registered with the National Health Service (not only Emilia Romagna) the Mandatory to send purchase orders in electronic format.

The process starts from the purchase orders of the subject entities and translates into our customers as Sales ORDER For Emilia Romagna the DDT is also mandatory, while for the other regions no. coming up to the invoice which can be sent via NSO (order sorting node via Peppol scheme) or again in the SDI channel (as it is today, so the creation of the sales invoice as it is now is fine).

for this reason it is better extended the functionality to import a file in schema Peppol to create a Sales invoice.

Category: Sales