On a D365 record, when I click the pop-out button in the bottom left corner, the screen pops the record into a new window, but the main screen changes to a dashboard view, not the previous screen.

I'm presuming that most users click the pop-out button because they want to see the page "underneath" the page they popped out.

From the timeline on a contact record, I create a new phone call activity. A new phone call activity loads in-place. I'd like to refer back to notes and other information on the contact record as I complete the phone call activity form, so I click the pop-out button in the bottom left corner which pops the phone call activity form in a new window. The main screen, then, loads the phone call activity dashboard rather than the contact record from which the phone call activity was created.

Thank you!

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I've been searching for a work-around for this (which is how I stumbled across this page).
The behaviour for adding a Phone Call from within the Timeline is obnoxious. My users would like to be able to refer to the parent record for some of the content they are adding to the Phone Call record, but can't because the New Phone Call record opens in the same browser window as the parent.

It also creates a lot of confusion because saving the Phone Call takes the User back all the way back (skipping the parent record).

Why can't Phone Call records be created directly from within the timeline, the same as Note?

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I forgot to mention that this causes user experience issues among many of our users who need to refer back to the previous record from which a new record (such as new activities or cases) is being created.

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