It is very common that a second visit is required when the job can't be completed. Reasons can be that a part needs ordering, the customer is absent or the engineer gets diverted mid travel or work to a more urgent issue. One way of handling this is to use a booking status with FS Status of cancelled, this then has the downside that no Time Entries are created eventhough the Resource will have spent time on travel or work.
So can we enable time entry creation for cancelled bookings via a switch (and show them in the scheduler depending on reason code? Alternatively we could create a new Resource Requirement based on an 'Incomplete' reason on a booking with FS status 'Completed' this should then also set the WO status to Open-Unscheduled as is not Open-Completed.
Category: Work order
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We have this same issue at our work place. We did by adding new status code for the technicians to select from that is open-not complete but the background still places the work order into completed status with a work order sub-status of open-pending return trip and we then filter the dashboards accordingly. This also allows the ability to have a 2nd resource posted to the work order and the task to be continued.

Category: Work order