I will try to describe the situation in our case. Point Of Sale in Poland is connected to fiscal printer and there are lil differences in rounding while finishing the transaction on it . Dynamics works like : – Total amount is calculated 1,46 tax including. The amount is calculated per formula 7,30/50= 0,146. Then 0,146 multiplied by 10 and = 1,46. Fiscal printer in our case is working a bit different - Total amount is calculated 1,5 tax including. The amount is calculed per the same formula so it is mentioned 0,146 then it is rounded to 0,15 and after this multiplied by 10 so the score is 1,50 and this information is directly sended to the printer. If amount on the POS is not equal with the amount readed by fiscal printer transaction is canceled and we cannot do anything with it. The Idea is to create new logic, which will round first the line and then multiply it by quantity and give us proper score.
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