When the new customer journey design was introduced some thing changes
First you can not start a customer journey with a form or a page it has to start always with a segment

Now we have experienced the following which one of our clients learned

When you use the template

Event marketing Customer journey template, there is an if/then tile where you can set the conditions if registered
The problem is the Wait up to condition that is required for this tile

Documentation is saying:

If/then: This tile has replaced the Trigger tile. The If/then tile holds contacts either until a defined condition is true, or until a defined amount of time expires. The If/then tile splits the path. Contacts who fulfill the conditions in time will follow the true path. Contacts who haven't met the conditions when the time expires will follow the false path.

The default value for the wait up to time is 1 hour ...... so due to an mistake when creating the live journey it was it was set to 1 hour.

We had 45 event registrations and we noticed that only 5 have had a confirmation e-mail

We experienced that all the registrations at the event page when they register later than 1 hour did not received any confirmation mail at all..

We did some research to find out why this had happend

1. We saw that some contacts where not in the segment list, when registered for the event.
Is this the problem that they did not get an confirmation mail ?

2. When you do not pay attention to the wait up to time and read the docs again, we think that when the wait up time expires then all the none registered are following the false path??

In the old customer journey tiles it was clear what tile was ment for

All what we want is a customer journey:

If someone register for an event today or for example three weeks later always send a confirmation mail
If someone has received an invitation and does not register in 5 days or certain amount of time we want to send a reminder mail
Do we have to change the wait up to until 5 days and when someone registered at day 6.
Will this person receive a confirmation mail or do we have to set up seperate swim lanes or do something else?

is this a bug that there where no confirmations sent after 1 hour or is this a misunderstanding

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