About the [Excel to Excel] function in Dynamics CRM Online.
When you export Excel sheet with following Reprosteps, the certain column's value is changing automatically.
Please provide the fix which allow you to keep correct value in Excel sheet.

1. Log on to Dynamics CRM Online with Administrator account, Go to [Settings] - [Customizations] - [Customize the System].
2. Choose [Appointment] Entity, select [Fields], and click on [New].
3. Put "Test_Single_Line_of_Text" to [Display Name] section, and put "1linetext" to [Name] section. Choose "Single Line of Text" for [Data Type], then click on [Save and Close]
4. Back to [Customize the System] Window, Choose [Appointment] Entity, select [Forms], and Open [Appoinntment (Form Type is "Main")].

5. Select "Custom Fields" for [Filter] menu in right pane, then Field "Test_Single_Line_of_Text" (which you created in step 3) is displaying, so add Field to Form by drag and drop.
6. Click on [Save As] - [Publish] - [Save and Close].
7. Back to [Customize the System] Window, Choose [Appointment] Entity, select [Views], and Open [All Appoinntments (Type is "Public View")].
8. In [Common Tasks] menu, click on [Add Columns], check "Test_Single_Line_of_Text" check box, then click on [OK].
9. Click on [Save and Close].
10. Back to [Customize the System] Window, click on [Publish All Customizations], and close [Customize the System] Window.
11. Go to [Sales] - [Activities], then select [Appointment] - [All Appointments] view.
12. Click on [APPOINTMENT] button in header menu for creating new Appointment, put "Test Appointment" to [Subject] field, and put "00001" to [Test_Single_Line_of_Text] field, then click on [Save and Close]
13. Refer to step 12, create few more new Appoint ment. (You need to put different number such as 0002,,,0010 in [Test_Single_Line_of_Text] field.)
14. Go to [Sales] - [Activities], then select [Appointment] - [All Appointments] view. Click on [Excel to Excel] - [Dynamic Worksheet].
15. In Edit Columns Windos, click on [Export].
16. Open Excel file which you exported, click on [Allow editing] in [Protected View].
17. Click on [Enable] content in [Security warning].
18. On [Test_Single_Line_of_Text] column in "All Appointments" sheet, "0000N(N : Number)" valueis appearing.
19. Click on [The update to the latest information from the CRM] in [Data] tab, then 0000N(N : Number)?value is all the sudden changed to "N(N : Number)", and number "0" is disappearing.

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