When a GL account is defaulted on to a document in Payables, Receivables, SOP or POP, there is no validation. The batch will post fine in the sub-module, but will fall out to Batch recovery when you try to post in GL. The message on the GL edit list is "Account is inactive; please activate or change the account." Ask. To have a warning or 'Account is inactive' error that prevents the transaction/batch from being posted in the sub-module. And/or to have a message pop up to alert the user that this account is saved in a posting setup at the time they inactivate the GL account.

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Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider adding this to a future release.

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft 



It is frustrating that you have to correct GL accounts in financial posting due to the account being allowed when it is part of POP or SOP as a defaulted account. It should give an error to the person trying to post in the sub module so the entry can be addressed immediately as opposed to it making it to financial and failing to post and then trying to trace back to the original transaction to see the account that should have been used.

Category: Financials - General Ledger