User downloaded the "General journal line entry" Open in excel template in General journal > Journal entries > General journals, added the Invoice field , saved the template as a new file. Then in Common > Office integration > Document template, Created a new one and uploaded the saved file.

Upon trying to perform again the Open in excel, the new template appeared, but would override the original template, we cannot keep the new template with default template appear in the same time. but follow the Blog https://exploredynamics365.home.blog/2020/10/18/design-your-own-open-in-excel-template-in-microsoft-dynamics-365-finance-and-operations/, seems previous D365 version had the function that can keep both new and original template on the system. Could we have re-design or back to this function?

Category: General Ledger



Very much needed, as the same journal type is often used for completely different purposes, hence the fields to be shown are different

Category: General Ledger