Issue description:
The system does not consider Leap years while calculating the depreciation periods.
The issue is closed as by design:

We need to create fiscal calendars for all the years (covering the service life of the asset) in the system, preferably for a separate FA Calendar. We also need to make sure to not use the 'Copy from last fiscal year' option while adding years to the calendar because that does not work for leap years.

The reported behavior is causing a number of issues:
1. Adding years to the system manually will increase the probability for process errors, human errors, etc,
2. The suggested workaround is only feasible if the service life is a shorter period. It is tedious as well as complicated to create additional calendar years for long-term assets with an Asset life of 45-50 years for instance.
3. Neither the system gives any warnings, nor it is acknowledging leap years. Thus, remembering to create new calendars every time a fixed asset is added is a task and users may not always remember.
4. Creating a fiscal calendar is a regular activity for example when the customer is moving to a new year but creating a new calendar for so many periods to make the system calculate the depreciation period correctly, is not a standard periodical activity.
5. The consequences of the human/system error in case of incorrect calculation of depreciation periods are high. It impacts both financial, reporting, and statutory requirements.
6. There is no check in the system whether the calendars are covering the new acquisition or not.

Idea Suggestion:
The system should consider the leap year number of days while calculating depreciation periods.
Category: Fixed assets
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