This idea is recorded to investigate if there is a business need amongst the Business Central customers to be able to on one hand revalue the average cost item periodically by using the Calculate Inventory Value batch job as well as on the other hand, manually per entry using the “Applies-to Entry” field.
Today, it’s not possible to revalue a certain entry via the “Applies-to Entry” field if the item, at any point in time, has been revalued via the Calculate Inventory Value batch job (recognized from Value entries stating “Partial Revaluation”).
Please vote to this suggestion if you would like to take advantage of both options for the average cost item.

Please review the following scenario:

1-Create New Item
--Costing method = Average
--Unit Cost = 10
--Last Direct Cost = 10

2-Open Item Journal
Line 1: Purchase on Jan 28; Quantity 10
Line 2: Sale On Jan 29; Quantity 2; Unit Amount = 15;

3-Run Adjust cost

4- Open Revaluation Journal in the aim of adjusting the average cost as of last January due to new conditions in the business environment.
--Run Calculate Inventory Value.
---Posting Date: Jan 31st.
---Calculate per Item
---Filter Item No. used in this scenario.

--One line is suggested with Quantity = 8, Unit Cost (Calculated=10)
--Set Unit Cost (Revalued) := 9;
--Post reval.journal.

5-Run Adjust cost

6-Open Item journal
--Line: Item; Positive Adjustment on Feb 2; Quantity 1; Unit amount is mistakenly set to 90;

7-Run Adjust cost

8-The user tries to correct the mistake assigning wrong cost to the Pos. Adjmt. by doing a revaluation, as follows:
--Open Revaluation Journal.
--Enter line manually: Item No used;
--In “Applies-to Entry” field: drill down and select the Positive adjustment from previous step.

Error message is generated:
This item has already been revalued with the Calculate Inventory Value function, so you cannot use the Applies-to Entry field as that may change the valuation
Category: Inventory
Needs Votes