The Incomes Register is a Finnish national online database. It contains comprehensive wage, pension and benefit data at the individual level - “Payers report to the Incomes Register wages, fringe benefits, fees, non-wage compensations for work, and other earned income. Both tax-exempt and taxable reimbursements of expenses must also be reported.

We need a way to report expense management information to the authorities.

Finnish customers are looking for an electronic way to report expense information in a specific format as per the below documentation: https://www.vero.fi/en/incomes-register/companies-and-organisations/employers/earnings-payment-data

Requirement is based on the lawhttps://www.vero.fi/en/incomes-register/companies-and-organisations/detailed-guidance/63749/reporting-data-to-the-incomes-register-mandatory-and-complementary-data-in-the-earnings-payment-report4/ (Government announcement date: 9/26/2018 and latest definition for requirement updated 1/1/2021)

Code values link: https://www.vero.fi/globalassets/tulorekisteri/codes-2020.pdf
Report XML hierarchy link: https://www.vero.fi/globalassets/tulorekisteri/dokumentaatio-2021/data-delivery-schemas-earnings-payment-reports-2021.pdf
Expense transaction type description: https://www.vero.fi/en/incomes-register/companies-and-organisations/employers/earnings-payment-data/reporting-reimbursements-of-expenses-to-the-incomes-register/

From the beginning of 2020, advances and tax-exempt reimbursements of expenses paid during the same pay period can be reported at the same time on a single report, even if there had been several payment transactions during the month. This only applies to payments paid after 1 January 2020.

D365 Finance companies should report data via the technical interface, the e-service using an online form or by uploading the data as a file.