Beeing able to customize the Opportunity Close Dialog is a great feature. Also that Business Rules and Power Automate can do some tricks when it comes to data synchronization. But there seems to be one thing missing: Pre-filling fields on the quick create for the Opportunity Close with information from the Opportunity.

E.g. when creating a Contact from an Account one can choose and add fields via mapping with the relationship that are already populated from the account to be taken over to the contact. This as well is working on (most of) the other table connections as well.

Unfortunately it is not working between Opportunity and Opportunity Close table (even though the realtionship can be created, (custom) field are not populated with values).

When Closing an Opportunity some customers require mandatory information before closing the opportunity. To be able to nourish the opportunity with this information in advance it is tedious to enter the same information again on the closing dialog (and then maybe update the data from there via Power Automate). Showing the already entered information on the form and beeing able to modify if needed would really improve custom Opportunity closing without having this coded as a workaround.

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2023 Release Wave 2
Ideas Administrator

This idea is currently being picked up for implementation. We will add the release dates as we get closer to completion.



Revathi Sankar

Product Manager, D365 Sales



Is there any update on this feature Revathi Sankar / Microsoft Product Managers? At EY we also need this feature to be enabled for custom columns.

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