The handling of the substatus on the RTV form might need to be revised.

As it is handled today, the substatus is changed when the form is loaded.
As an example, for the status 'Shipped' there is only one substatus (Shipped).
This is not set as the default status, and when the RTV form is loaded, the substatus field is cleared. This is happening to every status that does not have a default substatus.

If you set a default status, it actually gets worse (imo).
Say I have a substatusA as the default, but the current substatus on an RTV is set to substatusB, the onload function will then set the substatus to the default substatusA.

As it probably should be handled:
- if a substatus is set ( msdyn_substatus != null ), leave it alone during form load
- if msdyn_substatus == null AND there is a default substatus defined for the current msdyn_status, set msdyn_substatus to the default value.

Ideas Administrator

It sounds like this may be a bug. We'd love to look into this and, once confirmed, develop some improved behaviors.

Please create a support request with your repro steps so that we can look further into this. Ideally, please also allow a support instance to be created associated with the support request so that we can validate the behavior.

Thank you,
Jason Cohen
PM - Dynamics 365 Field Service