When creating a validation test case, Task Recorder is capturing the wrong value in drop down lists. For example, Instead of catching Delivered, DelNoChg, FOB In or FOB Out in a Delivery type drop down, Task Recorder gives me 0, 1, 2, or 3. But the user doesn’t see those numbers, they only see the text. There's also no where in the data entities for me to validate which order the text values are in - Not via OData, at any rate. the values in a drop down can and will vary from the test environment to UAT to production, so "validating" those numeric IDs is not useful. Task Recorder needs to capture the text the user sees, so as to validate properly.

Category: Development
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If this idea is related to RSAT, RSAT should deal correctly with this scenario. If it is not, please report it as an issue using a support ticket.