The current functionality of Sales Forecast is very limited and certainly not suitable for larger organizations with different divisions selling different products / solutions. Right now the system only allows to create 6 Forecasts. Further it is only possible to have monthly and quarterly forecasts and there is only one quota that can be set per Forecast. All of this limits the use cases to a bare minimum.

What needs to be changed:

Multiple Quotas
There must be multiple quotas that can be set per Sales Forecast, so you can measure against more than one target in the same Forecast rather than having to create a separate Forecast for each target. Having separate Forecasts is not user-friendly at all. In addition it doesn't allow to get a quick overview of the data.

Annual Quotas
Monthly and quarterly quotas might be interesting for certain targets, for others it would come in handy to have an annual quote. This again allows a user to see the data at a higher level. Maybe the monthly and quarterly quotas can be kept but then there should be a way of aggregating them on a higher level???

Limit of 6 Forecasts
Currently the system only handles up to 6 Forecasts which is very little considering there may be large companies with multiple divisions, various products and dedicated sales teams. Hence the limit of 6 is way too low. It must be possible to create more than only 6 of them.

The way the forecast is calculated may not fit all organizational needs. If an opportunity is one, not the full amount should be allocated to this specific month, but the expected turnover should be projected, i.e. split across a given period of e.g. 12 months. This way the users can see, business from past closed opportunities is still counting against the quota, what new is coming in and what they must generate / close in order to achieve their targets in the future.



I fully agree with the 6 forecast limitation being to small. Please increase this!

Category: Forecasting, Goals, and Territories


I agree with the more than 6 forecasts.

Regarding the projection, we use a related entity that contains the Opportunity value split per FY, and instead of using Opportunity for the forecast we use this entity, that allows us to create forecast per FY with the split values of the opportunity. But we would like to have the forecast with 1 period as the whole FY, not per Quarter or monthly.

This way to use the Forecast does not allow us to use the Prediction, that's limited to Opportunities...

And regarding the quotas, we would like to be able to provide the file to the sales departments to add the quotas separated, but now the template downloaded only contains the full hierarchy with no other field to allow the separation (like BU)

Category: Forecasting, Goals, and Territories