ECM: I would like to see Product name and Description on the all items when I use where-used search. Currently I need to click on every item to be able to find item which I'm looking for. I'm not able to know exact item number of the item which I'm looking for therefore I look on the Product name and Description where I can directly see for instance size of machine which I'm interested, otherwise I need to click on the every item, somethimes 50 items to be able to find good one.

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your feedback! We have considered your suggestion and the product name will be added to where-used page. This will be released in the 10.0.21 release. 

Description has not been added as it is a longer field and would take much space on the screen. You can add the description to the table with "Insert fields" as the datasource has now been added. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft



Currently we work at 10.0.22 version and I cannot see any change. Was that change implemented?

Category: Product Information Management