Currently only static marketing lists can be viewed from a sub-grid on a Contact form and from the Common menu. Dynamics lists are now mainly used so these should also be listed on the Contact form and Common menu. Thanks Eileen

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason:

The calculation required to keep up all dynamic marketing lists (fetch XML queries) that may return a specific contact and that for all contacts would be a large computational effort and could not easily be achieved for most audience sizes and numbers of dynamic marketing lists.

 If you have select dynamic lists that should be observed and reflected on contacts, one way could be to materialize a dynamic lists into a static lists and such use the existing mechanics.






Dynamic marketing lists are essentially named queries (Fetch XML). Those are run on-demand against the contact / account / lead base on lists operations - like distribution of campaign activities, quick campaigns or reviewing the members in the audience tab.
In order to show all the dynamic marketing lists that a contact at a certain moment may be included would require to calculate ALL dynamic marketing lists each time when a contact is opened. Or to employ a refresh cycle and manifest all temporary dynamic list results.
The amount of operation and data store would quickly become non manageable for few 100k contacts and few 100ds dynamic lists.
But you could of course manifest the members of select dynamic marketing lists into certain dedicated static marketing lists in order to have a temporary similar view on the contact - represented by those static marketing lists.

Hope this helps

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