Technician is assigned Inspection/Audit Work Order and needs to capture telemetry/asset properties as for asset as of current time.

Currently, technician must manually create property asset logs and the reading time must be the created on date/time. This is too many clicks.


The Work Order should generate Asset Property Logs based on the Asset Properties associated with Incident:


  1. Fridge Compressor Inspection Incident Type has Temperature Asset Property and Pressure Asset Property.
  2. Work Order with Fridge Compressor Inspection Work Order Incident auto-generates blank property logs on create:
  3. Temperature: BLANK
  4. Pressure: BLANK
  5. Technician fills in the details from an editable grid or PCF similar to how Service Tasks can be completed from the FS Mobile App Service List
  6. Temperature: 98, Reading Time: Modified On
  7. Pressure: 40, Reading Time: Modified On

This would setup the possibility of having a mix of manually entered property logs and automated property logs enhanced by IoT. A "Pull Asset Property Logs" could automatically pull the readings for IoT enabled assets.

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Linked another similar idea:

Microsoft Idea (dynamics.com)

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Think this idea is similar concept to what I posted. Microsoft Idea (dynamics.com) I was thinking more towards being able to use Asset Properties in the instructions or at least update the asset properties from the instructions. Thought I would link the ideas since there seems to be intrest.

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