With no doubt MS Dynamics 365 is the most advanced segmentation builder for marketers comparing to other marketing automation platforms. There are a ton of capabilities to make the segment that you want. But...... there is a huge con on to the way that Dynamics 365 helps the marketer to make fast and spot-on segments, and that is the lack of good categorisations in the queries.

I would like to see that segments are build up into the following method:

1. First select if you want to make a dynamic or a static lists (and make it adjustable afterwards)
2. Second, just open the editor ;-) or let the user choose: start from scratch vs. start with a template
3. Third and the most important part: the editor!! a few tips to make the editor more easy to use for marketers 😊

a) first suggestion: The posibility to build a segment based on a activity or based on a certain attribute is now done into seperate Query blocks on the bottom of the module. Why do so? If you make this a simple dropdown option at the top, than you see in a glance what kind of query this is! Very useful and easy to implement. 👌

b) if you want to choose a filter for example with a queryblock, you have more than ten options to choose. It would be better to have this categorised, so the most used filters are easy to find. My suggestion would be:

Categorise. And start simple with:
- Account
- Contact
- Leads
- Other entities that users choose less often (Events, Building, Foms, etc etc)

then if the user want to select an attribute, categorize again, for example:

Main category: Demografic/General -> Age, Gender, Industry, number of employees etc)
Main category: Geografic -> Adress, country, billing adres etc)
Main category: Financial -> Revenue, total revenue year/month etc)
Main category: Communication-> Email, memberships, preferred language, leadowner, etc)
Main category: Behavioural -> Email clicks, leadscore, website visits, submitted forms, events visited etc)
Main category: Other -> Less common filters (you probably can easily investigate wich attribute are less popular, but are handy to have in place.

et voila! You have a beter segmentation builder with the same posibilities, but easier to use. More userfriendly for marketers and in line with the workmethod of Dynamics compettitors. But than more advanced ;-)

Please vote this idea up to make segmentation even beter in 2021!
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