We have many clients that have recurring work that is high-volume, low-complexity. As such, setting up the work needs to be as rapid as possible, and making an agreement from scratch is painfully slow and prone to error, even when coming from the quoting process.

Having an agreement template that could be copied with things like the Work Order schedules, Bookings, and Invoice Agreements would allow for something close to one-click Agreement setups for businesses where volume is more important than customization.
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Thanks, Wayne, and sorry for the slow response on this.

I think this is a great idea which we've seen implemented in various ways successfully for different customers. That said, we know we need to do more to make the Agreement creation process easier and more usable and we welcome your feedback.

As for a specific agreement template process, we'd like to give this more time to see how the community responds to this concept.

In the meantime, one way this can be nearly acheived using largely out-of-the-box functionality is through the "Agreement Copy" functionality which allows you to copy an Agreement (and Agreement sub-records).

Thanks for raising this,
Jason Cohen
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I agree with this. Our company has it's own internal service department that works on our restaurants. I am going through the painstaking process to create individual agreements for each of our 100+ locations. For organizational purposes I would like to keep each store to it's own agreement instead of a copy of agreement 0001-1,-2, etc. Inside each agreement I am creating a Booking Setup for each thing that needs to be done (Kitchen AC filters, Dining AC filters, Boiler Preventive Maintenance). Not all of our restaurants have the same equipment so just copying one agreement with a BBQ Pit Booking Setup would not apply to our non BBQ stores.

It would be easier to make a Booking Setup variable with everything associated with it as it's own entity and then apply them to Agreements. So a "Change Dining Filters" Booking Setup, when applied to an existing agreement, populates with a set schedule, incident type, and so on. Users would have to go into each one to modify if they use auto scheduling. But that's better than having to set up the whole thing over and over.

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