When creating a new data entity, if the primary key on the target table is 'RecId', the wizard will throw an error about no natural key.  While the uniqueness is important, I think rather than the wizard forcing the primary key uniqueness, it would be good to give the option to define the uniqueness of the data entity within the wizard.

There are many MS tables that still have the primary key as the 'RecId', which makes development of a new data entity for those tables rather annoying in having to get around this issue.  I think if the wizard gave the option to define the uniqueness on the fly, then it would allow a better mechanism for the data entity development.

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It doesn't make sense that there are valid data entities which cannot be built from the 'new> entity' process. At least give us an option to skip the wizard or manually define rather than having to resort to workarounds like changing the table after wizard or working with xml directly.

Category: Development