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Help windows in GP2018 open up as "GP2015 help".

Noticeably missing are the features added in the last couple versions. Considering the user manuals are no longer being updated, it is difficult to find relevant documentation on current features. Are the "What's New" documents and various blogs the only documentation for GP these days?

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Hi Michael,

Yes, the only documentation for the new features will be the What's New and the blog posts.

thank you

Jodi Christiansen

PM, Microsoft

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  • It's misleading to mark this request "Completed". It should be "Denied". That's shortsighted by MS but at least we know where we stand. Some of us will be discussing crowd sourced documentation at Summit.
  • It is shameful that we are asked to use documentation from version 2013 when Microsoft Demands that all the clients stay current on their maintenance. Wonder what would happen if all the clients asked at the same time - where is the updated documentation for all the money we are spending.

    This just about cost us a client - thanks for not really doing anything to help us keep clients.
  • I'm glad Micheal created this for us. I created one on "MS Connect", garnered most votes of all, and yet saw MSFT ignoring it. Documentation, as Mike mentioned, is developer's obligation. I hope MSFT updates the manuals in the upcoming version at least.
  • Agree with all the comments above. The Customer Services Guide (that we are required as partners to provide a link to) should cause more customers to question the inattention to maintaining support tools.
  • It should not take a "suggestion" for this to happen. GP looks like a forgotten product without it. This is a developer's obligation.
  • With changes like workflow moving away from SharePoint documentation that is current is a must for feature adoption and support.
  • Let's take it a step further and update the developer's documentation and the SDK to include ALL of the features that have been added/improved over the last several years!
  • Agreed 100%. So embarrassing to explain to GP customers why there is a new version every year, and they have to keep paying for maintenance and upgrades, but there is no updated documentation or even help files.