Batch Business Events follows a very simple rule - every Finished|Cancelled|Failed Event always has a Started Event (Parent).

With the current implementation, the only viable approach is to always relate Finished|Cancelled|Failed Events to the last Started Event for the same Batch Job. Which would work fine if the Events was guaranteed to be sequential.

The non-sequential nature is an issue for Business Events in general when used in Integrations (a general issue limiting the Business value of Business Events).

For Batch Business Events Finished|Cancelled|Failed, I would like to have logic in Standard that populates one of the standard attributes (ControlNumber, ParentContextRecordSubjects) with the ControlNumber or ParentContextRecordSubjects, with the reference to the Parent Started Event. Or through a new attribute (ParentControlNumber). This would increase the Business value for Batch Business Events a lot.

Category: Common