The Depreciation proposal standard transaction text gives text as Since … is misleading and wrong. Instead it should say Depr valid To and Valid From date. ref lcs link https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details?bugId=499518&dbType=3&qc=3901084192882e8874a61b4ea46189811477b48671c68ff92e455deb5db93a91


Issue was replicated in USMF demo data

1. Open FA master for BUIL-000001

Click Books

Note Depreciation last run date is set as 12/31/2017

2. Run depreciation proposal

Create a new Fixed Assets Journal for Depreciation Proposal.

Click on Fixed Assets > Journal Entries > Fixed Assets Journal.

Create a new Journal & Click on lines. Click on Proposals > Depreciation Proposals > Enter To Date Field "10/31/2020", Filter with Fixed Assets Number BUIL-000001, Summarize depreciation is set as YES ,Make Sure Calculate Depreciation Field is marked as "YES". Click on Ok.

***Actual result***

Note 3 lines of deprecation is proposed one for each financial year and description for all three is set as Depr. Since 1/31/2018 which is misleading and wrong

***Expected result***

For First line the description should be set as Depr.From 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018

For second line the description should be set as Depr From 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019

For third line the description should be set as Depr From 1/1/2020 to 10/31/2020
Category: Fixed assets
Ideas Administrator

Pleased to announce that this feature will be released in APP 10.0.29.