Trying to find out if someone else has submitted a bug on this platform is maddening. I waste so much time trying to fix your software; I should be charging Microsoft for my time.

Give us a BUG REPORTING PLATFORM. I don't want to sift through of these feature requests, spending hours of precious time, only to find out no one has submitted a bug on my current issue.
Even more insulting is the fact that a bug won't get fixed, unless enough users vote for it. In other words, you won't fix it unless we all complain enough.
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This indeed isn't a bug-reporting platform and there is zero guarantee that a feature request will be implemented.
To report bugs to Microsoft, you should use the Support tile in your LCS project. And use Issue Search to see if the same problem wasn't already reported.
There are sometimes things that I consider bugs and Microsoft sees it differently, or they don't fit well under support. Nevertheless your "ideas" such as "ERROR: RSAT cannot connect to F&O" are indeed bugs and should be reported through support requests, not as ideas.

Category: Development