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Both reference and distribution reference fields in GP's GL can only handle a maximum of 30 characters. I understand why these fields were kept relatively small when the product was developed in the early 90's, but 25 years later my customers expect a little more space to write descriptive information. I suggest 50-100 characters would be more appropriate and certainly more useful.

NOTE: I have the same suggestion for the "Description" field on the Payables Transaction Entry window (also 30 char max), and probably many other fields in GP, but the GL ones seem to be the biggest problem for my customers.

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Thank you for your suggestion. We have reviewed this functionality ask previously.  Unfortunately, given the impact throughout the entire system and on customizations, this is not something we can consider at this time.
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  • As we all know GP is an old accounting software which has not be updated to reflect the time. As we go to paperless, we rely on the description and reference to identify the purpose and explanation of the transaction. The same would apply to other modules. This would be a very beneficial update. Thank you!
  • It would be great to add this to all of the modules
  • It is good to increase the maximum characters allowed to 100 so that we don't have to guess the abbreviation in the column.

  • It will be good if increase all GP transaction entry entry the GL reference and distribution reference and able pull out in smartlist.
  • I support to increase the GL reference and distribution reference field to 100 characters.
    Besides, it would be glad if the description field in Payables Transactions Entry and Receivables Transactions Entry to increase to 100 characters.